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Welcome to Magic Trading Limited

Innovative techniques, advanced technologies and a leading trend of consultancy have created a strong bridge connecting the Chinese manufacturers to overseas buyers. Tagged as ‘Magic Trading Limited’, the bridge is attributed to a phenomenal trading connection between the Chinese and the global market. Since years we our bridging the gaps and resolving all sorts of export issues to significantly contribute towards win-win outcomes. Our strategic sourcing and trading solutions including shipping arrangement, document handling, quality inspection, order follow up and safe delivery are attuned to international standards and local export laws. From inception to the delivery, we take care of all with passion and commitment.


Trade with China

As a momentous sourcing agent of China and surrounding markets, we specialize in exporting a wide range of products and articles. We do cover the entire globe but we have carved strong benchmarks in markets of Western Europe, Africa, Southern & Central America and Former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, we also take up the challenge of trading consultancy to ensure stable business relationships amongst manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers and buyers.


China Quality Control

With commitment and fortitude, Magic Trading Limited stands strong in the midst of unique challenges of the Asian Market and arrange quantity and quality control off your products and manage re-packing and warehousing control.

Featured Products

Fashion Accessories
Fashion accessories play an integral role when it comes to the world of fashion. These accessories add grace to the outfit worn...

China business to business

Electronic Gadgets
China is a leading producer of electronic gadgets and we supply these electronic items to various parts of the globe...

China sourcing

Glass Items
Glass items are very delicate and allure the attention of the buyers. Glass items come in various sizes and shapes...

China sourcing

Souvenirs are bought by tourists as a remembrance of the place, event or a person. They come in various sizes...

China sourcing

Travel Bags
Nowadays travel bags are available in various sizes and shapes. We have a network of reputed manufacturers...